Windows 10 freezes after login

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I fixed my dad's computer that froze at the login after the April update pretty much what is happening in this person's post. That's what got the computer to work perfectly again and is fully updated. No freezing, no problems.

Your PC boots, gets to the Windows desktop, then freezes. Now what?

I then reinstalled Avast onto his computer, updated it, restarted the computer, and it's running normally. Hope this helps someone. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. This isn't the answer for my issue whatsoever and I'd appreciate if you unlink my post from it because it is a lie. Many Avast users have issues with Windows 10 and that program. I have fixed many people's computer issues on Windows 10 by removing their Avast Anti-Virus and giving them the Norton Trial that is equivalent to their Avast version and recommending they purchase Norton instead; they're all thankful that they did.

The catcher is their computers don't have this program installing on their computer running Windows 10 Version Proof of this is in the fact that I have been working on many computers running Windows 10 Version even at a church I volunteer at that don't have this program on them.

This program is unremovable by Uninstalling it on the user's end unlike some built-in Windows 10 apps and after its disabled the user with the Login Issue CAN login to their computer just fine until Windows Update installs updates and Restarts, then its active again and needs to be disabled again.

In the long run this is a major hassle for users. It only takes up-to thirty minutes to rollback from Windows 10 Version back to Windows 10 Version and if you use the built-in settings and Holding Down the Shift Key well pressing on the Power Icon and it brings up the Advanced Options Menu and then going to Troubleshooting and then going to Removing Feature Update.

If you don't have this program installed on your computer by Windows 10 Version you can check in Safe Mode; or if you are lucky on an occasion as I was here when you can actually login to your computer. As a result Windows went very slow though and I had to restart the computer and the Login Issue returned.

As you can see with the screenshots; I chose to use my computer even with it going slow because it was already a full day of fighting Windows 10 Version and not being able to login normally and seeing this in Safe Mode. After getting in normally that one time I disabled this program to never run and was able to login normally until Windows Update downloaded updates. If you don't have this program then it could easily be your Anti-Virus; if you do then its this program for sure causing the problem.

Sorry that the steps I took to fix the frozen login screen doesn't work for you, but they did for me, and quite possibly other people with this issue.

The steps you took won't work for anyone that has the program I have included the screenshots of and that I have confirmed with another computer that doesn't have any Anti-Virus program installed other than the built-in Windows Defender.A lot of users report freezing issues on their Windows 10 computers. This article will give you seven different methods to deal with this issue if you are among one of the unlucky people having trouble with it.

This freezing problem can occur haphazardly anytime.

windows 10 freezes after login

During it, either the whole system locks up or certain elements, such as the Taskbar, do not respond. You can try each of the different ways to resolve this issue and find out which one works the best for you. You can progress through the list one by one and stop when you fix this error. Restoro is one of the best System Repair solutions available for Windows. It will scan your system and automatically fix errors. Follow the steps below to download and run Restoro on your PC:.

Download and Install Restoro for free. Once installed the program will scan your system gathering important information and checking for errors. Restoro will automatically create a restore point in Windows in case of any issues with the repair process. Once the restore point is created it will attempt to fix the errors on your system that are causing your Windows to freeze.

Please note, if it has been more than ten days since the last update, you will not see this heading, and you cannot perform this step.

You can update the drivers on your system or computer whenever you have problems with Windows freezing. Some drivers are automatically updated during Windows Update, so make sure you run that first before following the steps below. Follow the instructions on the website to search for updates there. You should run a memory check on your PC when Windows freezes since a damaged memory card is one of the reasons for this issue.

You can diagnose this issue with the help of a built-in tool provided by Microsoft. To use this tool, you need to follow these steps:. On your computer keyboard, press the [Windows] key and [R] key simultaneously. This opens the Run command. If there is no problem, then the memory card in your PC perhaps does not have any issues.

The virtual memory of your computer is an addition to the physical memory of your PC, which is an amalgamation of RAM and a hard drive partition.

windows 10 freezes after login

To reset the virtual memory on your Windows 10 computer, you need to do as follows:. Press [E] and the [Windows] key at the same time to open File Explorer. For the maximum size, you can choose to increase it to the recommended size, or you can go all the way up to about 1. Anything higher than three times the size of your RAM can cause system instability and more issues. After this, you must clear all the Temp files on your computer.

In case the methods mentioned above do not resolve the freezing issue on your Windows 10 PC, you should run a disk check. For this, you must follow these steps:.I'm a technical writer for Driver Easy.

I write articles related to various tech issues, including Windows computer problems and game errors. I'm never happier than when my articles help people with whatever problems they have - Windows Blue screen issues, network errors, hardware faulty, etc. When I'm not writing, I like reading literary novels and poetry, which enables me to improve my writing skills.

When you try to boot Windows 10 on your computer, it just freezes? You may be annoyed and frustrated. Many Windows 10 users also have this problem. Read on and find how…. You may not have to try them all; just work you way down the list until you find the one works. This problem can also be caused by a outdated, incorrect or corrupt system driver.

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it.

How to Fix Problems During the Windows Login Process

But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks and you get full support and a day money back guarantee :. Read on and find how… How do I fix Windows 10 freezes on Startup? Copy and paste not working in Windows [Solved] Wendy Mai 1 week.Hello, All of a sudden today one of our windows 10 machines on our network has started to freeze after a couple of minutes use.

I login, for minutes everything is normal 2. Then it's a repeat of steps 1, 2 and 3 I first thought it was a driver problem for my Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse. However, I noticed that it is NOT only the mouse and keyboard which freeze, but the screen too. For example, if I am busy downloading a file and it happens to be 2. So really I assume the whole of windows is freezing.

I then thought it was a recent update which "broke" this machine. However, I managed to take a screenshot of the Update History and the last major update I see is on the 15th of January.

Almost 2 weeks ago see below. I am really lost as to how to investigate this further in order to fix it.

windows 10 freezes after login

Could anyone perhaps provide some guidance please? Thanks in advance, Michelle. Does the computer have Malwarebytes active protection installed? I'm sorry I'm not an IT person. On the tower it says "Lenovo".

Please tell me where I can find the information you are looking for? Yes it does. Nobody has heard of this software. Search did not return any matching results. No, we're trying to avoid having to do that in-case we loose documents or files or emails.

As mentioned previously though, the last time this computer has an update was over two weeks ago. I'm really stumped here. Happy to try anything else you suggest, or get any other information which may be useful to pin pointing this problem? Does the business have an actual IT person, or IT Department, or did you basically just get appointed to be in charge of computer issues?

The model of computer will typically be on the back of the computer on a service tag, or the purchase order when the computer was initially purchased.

There may be a service tag on the back you can enter on Lenovo's website to bring up the support portal and find out what model it is. Lenovo does have a built in updater, which if I remember correctly, can not just update Lenovo software and drivers, but may also have the ability to update the computer's BIOS. You can also try booting into Safe Mode to see if the issue persists, to narrow down if it's possibly software or a service starting with the normal Windows launch.

Some additional drivers are also disabled in Safe Mode. At the very least, it may give you more time to check Windows Logs and diagnose the issue. It's a very small business so we don't have a designated IT person.

I've just rebooted in SAFE mode, no more freezing. I'll post back on my progress, that for sure narrows it down. I've never heard of it myself, but that is what has been running for years with only the virus definition files updating.

According to eScan, it could be a virus or malware that eScan is having problems removing causing this:. You might want to use a bootable medium to do an offline scan for malware and infections on that computer before continuing. After you verify it's clean, if nothing is found, remove startup programs to see if you can narrow down a possible culprit.

There are a number of problems the PC can have this problem. Some have been mentioned above and another is the RAM misbehaving.Recently, a lot of users report the Windows 10 freezes after login issue on Reddit. The computer freezes up after they get to the login screen. If you are one of them, here are a couple of ays you could follow to fix the Windows 10 freezes after login problem.

In response to the Windows 10 freezes after login issue, Microsoft released a patch to fix it. If you are experiencing the issue, you could install the latest Windows patch to fix the Windows 10 Update freezing bug. Follow these steps:. Step 6. Click Check for update and make sure your Windows downloads and installs the cumulative update KB According to many Redditors, one effective method to get around the Windows 10 freezes and crashes is to enter Safe Mode. To do it, follow these steps:. Step 1.

Restart your computer a few times during the boot sequence to start Automatic Repair process. Step 2. Step 3. Regarding the Windows 10 freeze afater login issue, it is fixable to install multiple Microsoft.

NET Framework 3. The download links are as below:. The Windows 10 freeze after login issue could also be caused by faulty drivers. It is time-consuming to manually download and update drivers. You could try a driver download utility tool like Driver Talentwhich could scan out your driver issues in seconds. Download Now. Below are 3 simple steps to download and update drivers to fix your system freeze after the Windows 10 Update.

Launch Driver Talent. Driver Talent will automatically download and install the best-matched driver within a few minutes in the background. Note: Keep in mind that back up your drivers with Driver Talent before installing new hardware drivers in case of driver crashes.

In addition, Drive Talent offer other premium features, like drivers restoredrivers uninstall, system restoredrivers pre-download for another PCPC Repair, hardware detection, VR support check and PC speed upetc. If you know other methods to fix the Windows 10 freezes after login issueplease make sure to share with us in the comments section below. Tags: anniversary update. By sending your feedback, you agree to the Privacy Policy. E-mail: support drivethelife. We Are Trusted By.Not know what to do?

Here are the best 11 fixes to Windows 10 computer keeps freezing randomly from MiniTool Solution. Go and have a try. Users who work with Windows 10 often may have experienced one of the following issues: Windows 10 freezes after login, Windows 10 freezes after update, Windows 10 freezes on startup, Windows 10 randomly hangs…. If you are searching for a way to fix computer freezes randomlythis post might help you get out of trouble.

Kind Remind: We suggest making the common fixes first. For instance, you can:. One of the possible reasons is that Windows 10 is running on low disk space. If this is the case, you have multiple choices:. Step 1. At Windows 10 Cortana Search box, type " disk cleanup " and choose " Disk Clean-up " from the best match.

Step 2. In the pop-up small window, confirm the system partition and click " OK " to continue. This tool needs a few minutes to calculate how much space you will be able to free on the system partition. Step 3. When you see the next interface, check the file types you would like it to clean up and click " OK ".

You will be asked to confirm the operation, please allow the deletion. You may also try expanding system partition. With more free space added in, Windows 10 freezing issue may be removed. It works great in system partition extension no matter there is unallocated space on the same drive or not.

As long as a partition on the same drive has some free space, MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro is helpful. Free Download Buy Now. After installing MiniTool Partition Wizard, run it to get the main interface and then follow the simple guide below:. Follow the instructions below to create a bootable rescue media and boot PC by using this media.

When you are in MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro bootable editionyou may find that the drive letters have changed. Please find out the system partition by using the " Explore " feature.

Step 4. Now shut down your PC and reboot it to check if Windows 10 keeps freezing. If some system files get corrupted or missing, Windows 10 can freeze randomly. The good thing is that Microsoft makes it easy for you to get the original system files back with the built-in File System Checker. At Windows 10 Start menu, run Command Prompt as administrator. Then allow it to make changes to this PC.

Windows will scan your system for corrupted files and attempt to fix. So please be patient. If no problem is found or this fix does not help, continue with the next Windows 10 freezing fix. Updating drivers to the latest is always one choice when operating system goes abnormally.The latest build for Windows 10 Technical Preview is out, and besides some new great features and improvements, it also brings some more problems and headaches for its users.

This time, one user complained about how his Windows freezes on login after he installed build, and we have a couple of advices for him and all users facing this problem. Many users reported that their Windows 10 build freezes on login. This can be a problem, and speaking of login problems, users reported the following issues:. Luckily Windows has its own tool for troubleshooting various system problems. To check your system with Windows Troubleshooter, do the following:. Check what programs start along with your system.

And maybe one of these programs is not compatible with Windows 10 Technical Preview, and it may cause you problems with booting. To disable all undesired programs at your startup, do the following:. According to some users, sometimes the cause for this problem can be the preinstalled HP software.

Computer/PC Freezes Windows 10 Fix

Many computers come with preinstalled applications, and sometimes these applications can interfere with your operating system and cause it to freeze. As previously mentioned, the common problem is HP software, and in order to fix this issue, you need to find and remove the problematic application. Applications such as Revo UninstallerIOBit Uninstallerand Revo Uninstaller are perfect for this task since they will remove all files associated with the problematic application automatically, so be sure to try them out.

Although it seems unlikely, new versions of drivers could also give you a problem. If that is the case, you should roll them back to the compatible version. To check if your new drivers are alright, do the following:. It will help you update your drivers in order to avoid the permanent damage to your computer by manually downloading the wrong driver versions.

windows 10 freezes after login

Follow this easy 3 steps guide to safely update your drivers:. If your Windows 10 build freezes on login, the problem might be your antivirus. In addition, you might want to prevent your antivirus from automatically starting with Windows. If you want to eliminate these kinds of problems in the future, you might want to consider switching to a different antivirus solution. There are many great antivirus applications, but few of them, such as Bitdefender and BullGuardstand from the rest, so you might want to try them out.

If your Windows 10 build freezes on login, the problem might be a problematic update. To do that, follow these steps:. Windows 10 automatically downloads the missing updates, but you can check our guide and learn how to block certain updates from installing. According to users, sometimes your hardware can cause this issue to appear. With all USB devices disconnected, your Windows 10 should be able to start without any problems.

Keep in mind that you might have to disconnect all your USB devices every time you start your PC, which can be a bit of hassle. According to users, if your Windows 10 build freezes, you might be able to fix the problem by installing the missing updates. To do that, simply enter Safe Mode with Networking and check for updates manually.

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